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Since 1988 we have been specialised in supplying spraying systems and engineering equipment for the ceramic and vitreous enamel industries and have in the last years introduced world wide our new Soft Spraying and Boiler Flow Coat Systems very successfully .

The developments with advantages and benefits of our Electrostatic High Speed Bell Soft Spraying Systems for Wet and Powder Application with a new type of spray booth exhaust filtering systems for the enamel industries brought us to a leading position

Know How for the Coating Industry

The complete technology turnkey package

Enamel - Glaze - Paint - Powder

Manual and automatic conventional wet spraying systems

Manual electrostatic powder spray systems

Automatic electrostatic wet and powder spraying systems with HIGH SPEED BELL atomizer for flatware and cavities


Automatic glaze flow coat systems for sanitary ware

Dip coat systems

Enamel or Glaze material transfer systems

Pressure less stainless steel tanks, diaphragm transfer pumps with accessories

Boiler flow coat systems

Pretreatment installations, Conveyors, water and IR dryers

Hangers and hanger washer systems

Dry filter spray booths for manual and automatic spraying systems (wet/powder, Enamel/Glaze)

... As well as complete turnkey plants

Please Check out our reference list for the installations we have placed so far.

For Flatware AND Cavities

Multi Application Systems

Layout of 2C/1F Plant

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EIC Group GmbH

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