Welcome to our home page. Please feel free to navigate around, you can find information about our company and the companies we represent. Now only in English, but soon we will be having an Arabic site as well.  In addition, we will be constantly updating our site and adding new (technical) information in the field of enamelling and coating.   In case you have any question, comment or need more information please take a short stop at our Feedback page or contact us at the address mentioned below.


Our Mission

Our mission is quite simple, "WE STRIVE TO HAVE AN ALL WIN SITUATION AND OVERALL SATISFACTION". Supplying the right product with the right quality at the right price, as well as maintaining a constant and intensive after sales service will guarantee satisfaction to all our customers.



Company Profile

Based on many years experience in the enamelling industry around the world, we have started our company AKA ChemTech, as Agents for two of the best companies in their fields; The field of enamelling, represented by Escol Products Ltd from England and the field of equipment for the coating industry, represented by EIC Group GmbH from Germany.

We are not only Agents but also Consultants, because we feel that the 2 are connected. Finding the right technical solution for the customers can save a lot of money, whether in raw material, operational cost or automation.

AKA ChemTech started operation in 1998, and is run by Ing. Antoine Kerim Abouhamad, a Chemical Engineer with many years experience in the field of Enamelling. Our Head Quarters is in Lattakia, the  port city of Syria. We operate in the complete Middle East as well as in Greece.


Contact Information

In case you need any information or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are at your service.


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